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Make your world. WebQuest

Bart Bonamie


Just like the Humo journalist you will contribute to the oral history of travelling. We want you to conduct an interview (or several interviews) of an older person (grandparents, older friends and acquaintances). In this interview you will ask them for a personal account of what travelling was like in the past. This way, you can compile a "historical logbook". This logbook will not only contain the statement(s) as such, but also illustrations of places, things (e.g. means of transport), or people that are brought up during the interview. This way, you will interpret the interviews in a wider sociohistorical context. Of course you will not have to work alone. You will be a member of a research team, where you will play your own part.

Afterwards, you can print your assignment, or put it in a digital environment, and add a link to it in the archive, so that you can share your interview(s), descriptions and commentaries with the others. During your work, you will keep a logbook in which you will carefully keep track of what you are doing. After completion, this logbook will be used to evaluate your work.

The logbook of a century offered you the opportunity to interview people. You gained some insight into the changeability of the phenomenon of ’travelling’. Of course, your work is merely a minute fraction of the history and culture of billions of people, but surely you have noticed that knowledge of everyday facts can offer interesting and valuable insights.

At the same time you learnt to conduct interviews and write them out, so that you gained insight into this specific genre of writing. Perhaps you have learnt a thing or two about technological tools (needed for working with audio files) you can use to digitise your work.


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